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Business First Louisville

"After looking for over a year for the right hardware integration team to take over a job that had floundered, Alex and his team moved our project to completion more effectively than any other integration team we've ever worked with."

− Jason Long, JH Media Group, Athens, GA

"Uproar Labs is my go-to referral for startups we're working with in the hardware and IoT. They know gobs about rapid prototyping and design for manufacturing, not because they've read about it in a bunch of books or blogs, but because they've done it many times before."

− Nick Such, Awesome Inc, Lexington, KY

"Uproar Labs has been a critical partner in helping us bring our ideas to life by helping us design and implement our strategies."

− Chris Bailey, Gear Brake, Louisville, KY

"The Internet of Things has the potential to vastly change people's lives by merging the physical with the digital. Uproar is well positioned to impact this tech movement through the expertise and services they offer."

− Peter Keyashian, Electric Imp, San Francisco, CA