Specializing in building products for the internet of things.


Circuit & Firmware Design
Industrial & Mechanical Design
Supply Chain Development


Software Development (mobile/web/desktop)
Brand Development


Manufacturing Consulting
Regulatory (specifically FDA, FCC, CE)
IP Development (patents, trademarks)


Uproar Labs is a connected hardware firm based in Louisville, KY that specializes in the development and launch of internet of things products. Our small, dynamic team uniquely ties together all of the necessary skills to develop hardware and software in house with minimal resources and time required.


We believe that hardware should be developed for the same dollars and at the same speed as software products, a goal that influences our methods and work ethic for all projects.  We take on pure software and pure hardware projects, but prefer to help build connected solutions.  We have a particularly deep expertise in health and consumer products, founding Beam Technologies, the maker of the Beam Brush, in 2012.  There, our team built and launched a category-creating consumer digital health product in under a year on a seed stage budget…with 3 people. Uproar is a large advocate of the maker movement, open source, crowdfunding, 3D printing, design thinking, lean startup, transparent partnerships, and the iot revolution.  We work with startups in accelerators all the way to Fortune 50 companies.  Nothing scares us, everything excites us.


Alex Frommeyer, Partner and CEO: or